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All of our soaps are made from 100% natural vegetable oils. No animal products are ever used. Never tested on animals (only tested on husbands).

What makes our bars EXTRA SPECIAL is the addition of LUXURY INGREDIENTS! Luxury ingredients add extra moisturizing qualities to the bars and essential nutrients for your skin. Every bar has at least two luxury ingredients added to each recipe. Soaporama cold processed soaps contain UP TO 50% luxury ingredients making them some of the best quality hand made soaps available!


Cocoa butter; Shea butter (African Karite nut); Jojoba; Sweet almond oil; Macadamia nut oil; Kukui nut oil; Avocado oil; Borage oil; Aloe butter; Apricot kernel oil

All of the cold process bars contain olive oil (for moisturizing & conditioning), palm oil (for hardness), and coconut oil (for a rich fluffy lather). Sometimes castor oil, wheat germ oil, or palm kernel oil is added. All of the soaps are made in small batches (5 lbs. or less) and receive individual attention from our master saponifier.

Handmade soaps contain glycerin, a natural humectant that helps your skin retain moisture....won't dry your skin out like those evil supermarket soaps made from synthetic fats. Glycerin is often stripped from mass-produced soaps because it can be resold.

Soaporama also offers glycerin soaps! Glycerin soaps are transparent. They are bright, colorful, and fun. Glycerin soap washes off somewhat easier than cold processed soap, but is a little less moisturizing.

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For classes in soap making please visit http://www.eliotschool.org

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